The Filipino-American Community of the Carolinas, Inc. (FACC)

The Charlotte-based Filipino-American Community of the Carolinas, Inc. (FACC) was informally launched in 1988 by a handful of Filipinos headed by Lita Joaquin and close friends, as the founding organization to provide information and promote understanding of Philippine culture and heritage with the American and other culture communities in North and South Carolina. Formally instituted in November, 1990 by what was then a handful of organizers and members, FACC has now developed into a robust and sound community of Filipino-Americans able to advance and enhance understanding, friendship, and civic unity among its members and other communities in the Carolinas and abroad.

FACC Objective

Founded under eight (8) community support and awareness initiatives, the objective of FACC is to:

  • Enhance unity and friendship among members of the Filipino-American communities in the US, especially in North Carolina, South Carolina and abroad;
  • Participate in various civic and community services and encourage members involvement in these activities;
  • Serve as a source of information to the public in the promotion of Philippine culture and heritage, interests, and concerns;
  • Promote trade relationship and act as liaison between business communities in the United States and in the Philippines;
  • Provide direct assistance for the urgent needs of the Filipinos in the Philippines in areas of health, education or material needs and extend such aids in these areas in money, food, clothing, medical services and other forms;
  • Provide a forum for meaningful communication and exchange of ideas among its members and other culture communities;
  • Foster among its members love, loyalty and respect for the Philippines and the United States;
  • Act as host organization to newcomers in the Carolinas, visitors and students from the Philippines, and other Filipino-American association in the U.S. and abroad.


Membership is open to any Filipino, and American family members and friends interested in learning and understanding Filipino culture, and in enhancing unity, friendship, and respect among communities. The Membership Fee is nominal at $10/adult. Please call any of the contact persons to obtain the membership form. FACC welcomes you and would love to have you join our beloved community of the Carolinas.

Thank you for visiting our site and do visit us again for updates and announcements! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas